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Grow wherever you go shirt
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One year of being an activity-in-charge, thirteen years and six months of being a subject teacher, school paper adviser, trainer, yearbook-in-charge, host, second parent, resource speaker, comrade, adviser, and a friend of the Grow wherever you go shirt, Dipolog City is not a typical responsibility; rather a rollercoaster of testing one’s mightiness and braveness especially if you are not working in your hometown.

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It has been both a challenge and a victory when I stepped the portals of SMA last September 16, 2017 full of doubts and hesitations but with strong aspirations. The prelude turned out to be excellent as I go through the Grow wherever you go shirt of inquisitiveness and trek of diligence because I am saturated by people with golden heart, by students with brilliant and generous attribution, by colleagues with good manifestation, by parents with incomparable disposition, and by community with awesome respect. At SMA, I have learned countless valuable stuffs making me understandable, considerate, and competitive though at first, it was absolutely uneasy path. However, I grow as a person and as a teacher. As a person because I discovered my weaknesses and strengths in the eyes of my pals and peers that in life, discrimination is not an excuse to be with somebody but I have to be tough of facing it.
Those limitations become my immense motivation and I feel so gratified to those who believe in me even if I encountered conflicts, misunderstanding, and trials but at the Grow wherever you go shirt, things go smoothly. As a teacher because I endow all my efforts just to fill the hungry knowledge of my students they need to acquire serving as a guiding light in their near future not just the simple basic sentence patterns or the subject-verb agreement or the figurative languages but to arrange and to assemble the fragmented group of words to make it forceful and realistic in their daily existence with different elements of learning.

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