Reading Rambo shirt

Reading Rambo shirt
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Reading Rambo shirt
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I was blown away that in the Reading Rambo shirt Frank Stokes was singing about his own 50th birthday (he was born January 1, 1888), that he also declared that it was 1928, and it must be a brand new year, so therefore i was listening to it exactly 70 years after the moment described in the song. I decided to play this song continually on eternal repeat until, in my mind, it had caught up with the number of plays i had given to other Frank Stokes songs over the decades. I ended up playing it for 4 months straight, over and over again, 24 7. In April, 1998, i decided to add an old favourite to my playlist Stealin’ Stealin’ by the Memphis Jug Band.

Reading Rambo shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Reading Rambo youth tee
Youth tee
Reading Rambo ladies tee
Ladies tee
On the Reading Rambo shirt of the 4th of July, 1998, i met my husband to be Nagasiva Yronwode. After hearing these two songs playing in my office for a couple of hours, he very politely asked me, Do you ever listen to any other songs? Realizing that he was interested, i played him K. We fell in love that night and have been inseparable for almost 20 years now. His request to hear more songs broke a kind of musical trance i had been in, like the kiss that woke the Sleeping Beauty.

Reading Rambo hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Reading Rambo hoodie
So every time i hear Downtown Blues by Frank Stokes, i thank God for the Reading Rambo shirt of music, and the miracle of family, and the miracle of love.Yay. 2017 has been a vintage year for these and it’s still only September.
Reading Rambo sweater
In Memory of Bob Machmer Feel free to tag yourself and share the Reading Rambo shirt Even in The Quietest Moments Supertramp A little story behind the song. Bob and I sat out on his deck one night drinking whiskey, smoking cigars and listening to music. We shared the love for music and he was turning me on to the hidden jems burried deep with in the albums.

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