Top Hot Shirt On Bird I raise tiny dinosaurs Shirt On 2020/08/01

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Let’s analyze the looks, shall we Below, who we think each star is embodying. Kourtney is giving us Posh Spice vibes in this sleek shirt dress. If Victoria Beckham were still in the girl group today, she would likely be wearing these types of clean, minimalist garments. Kim is obviously playing Ginger Spice here, as she’s in head-to-toe red. Kim modernized the look with a sexy cardi and paisley-printed trousers.  Kylie is Baby Spice because she is, well, the baby of the Top Hot Shirt On Bird I raise tiny dinosaurs Shirt On 2020/08/01 family. But her pink hair, sweet floral Dior saddlebag, and saucy latex pants are also reminiscent of the sexy-but-sweet looks that Bunton wore, too. Kendall might not be posing with a high-kick like Sporty Spice often did, but her tie-dyed, the two-piece set is definitely the most athletic-inspired of the bunch. She is also wearing sneakers, as Melanie C would never be caught dead in a pair of plastic stilettos.

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