Official Is This Jolly Enough Sweater and Hoodie

Official Is This Jolly Enough Sweater
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Memories get blurry after thirty-some years, and so I may not be remembering exactly how it was when my husband and I first were preparing to welcome a child into our lives. One thing that I remember is how irritated I would feel when some grandparent-aged person would say (as they seemed to do often) Oh, you just wait! Official Is This Jolly Enough Sweater and Hoodie! You can’t even imagine how much your life is going to change! We already knew that; and we were quite apprehensive enough, thank you very much!

Official Is This Jolly Enough Sweater, Hoodie and T-Shirt

Official Is This Jolly Enough Guys shirt
Guys shirt
Official Is This Jolly Enough  Hoodie
Official Is This Jolly Enough Ladies shirt
Ladies shirt

So I try to hold back, now that I’m the grandparent-aged person, but I hear it from other people, and occasionally the words even slip out of my mouth, (I’m sorry, Alex and Jackie!) Mostly, we mean well. Official Is This Jolly Enough Sweater and Hoodie! We can’t help ourselves because watching you, or watching our own grown children become parents, stirs up such precious memories. Not only that, it also evokes a sense of accomplishment and of amazement that we ourselves actually survived it, some of us more than once! And so will you.
One day as a parent you’re going to walk into a room and just know that something’s up. Official Is This Jolly Enough Sweater and Hoodie! You’ll ask casually, So what have you all been doing? or watching? or talking about? And you’ll get the response, Nothing! Right, guys? Nope, nothing at all. Uh-huh. Jesus’ disciples weren’t his children, of course, but it seems they’d been acting pretty childishly. They’d been arguing about their discipleship rankings – about which of them was # 1 that week, and which of them Jesus liked best. In response to Jesus’ inquiry, they stood staring at the floor, embarrassed to admit it.

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