Dark Walk soul shirt

Dark Walk soul guys tee
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Dark Walk soul shirt
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As I walk in the street dressed in my grey tights and black Dark Walk soul shirt moving and shaking my all african curves ,I see the looks men give some lusting for my round buttocks and others checking out my firm thighs. I’m a sexy girl I know but most of them see a bed to sleep on or a spring to drink from to quench their thirst .once in a lifetime I would have fallen for their sexy name calling or their handsome faces when they looked at me. Now all I do is laugh and shake my head .not because there is anything wrong with them trying their luck but they are just wasting their time. I’m broken deep in my soul and I’m tired, I need a few years fr me to be myself again and smile without feeling the wounds inside bleed again,I wear my smile and the sway of my hips and african behind as a cover ,to block the world from seeing the scars and wounds that cover my soul .the world has brought battles to my door and I have fought with every bone in my body and I still breathe ,guess that means I have won in a way.though all these wars have taken a part of me ,I still find it in myself to wake up and walk and breathe. The Dark Walk soul shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck  of my hips does not show the depth of my broken heart or the distance of how lost I am .it covers my deepest fears and potrays me as a girl with no fear.ill still smile and walk like I’m modelling on a fashion week ramp.

Dark Walk soul shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, v-neck

Dark Walk soul longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
Dark Walk soul sweatshirt
Dark Walk soul hoodie
Dark Walk soul guys tee
Dark Walk soul guys tee

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