Iron Man and House Stark Arya T-Shirt

Arya And Iron Man House Stark T-Shirt
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Iron Man and House Stark Arya T-Shirt! Jason Momoa recalls being heartbroken when first reading of the death of Khal Drogo. He acts out the scene by pretending to throw the book while saying, “I hate you, George Martin! He calls “Game of Thrones” the greatest experience of his acting career.

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house stark

During the scene in which Joffrey torments Marillion the minstrel in the throne room, too many Kingsguard members are present.
Iron Man and House Stark Arya T-Shirt! There should be only six in the capital, given that Jaime Lannister left King’s Landing to fight in the Riverlands. Five can be seen immediately next to the Iron Throne, but paradoxically, when the camera switches to Marillion and the rest of the crowd, four Kingsguard members can be seen guarding the main entrance to the throne room – for a total of nine Kingsguard, when there are never more than seven at a time, and only six should be present now.

house stark

There probably weren’t nine actors in Kingsguard outfits when the scene was filmed, as all nine are never in the camera frame at the same time.
Iron Man and House Stark Arya T-Shirt! More likely, different takes of the same scene positioned the Kingsguard members differently, then mismatched the shots in the editing process.

house stark

The hostile encounter between Arya, Hot Pie, and Lommy takes place in the next novel, A Clash of Kings.
Iron Man and House Stark Arya T-Shirt! The scene in the novel is much more violent than in the show.

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