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My wife stood open-jawed. I didn’t quite see why it was so Our first mother’s day together mommy and sophia 2021 shirt unusual. I mean, just because they’re trying to arrest you doesn’t mean police officers should be rude or unsympathetic. Just because they may have done something the law may forbid doesn’t mean someone has to be abusive. She’s told friends and family in several countries about that. It is, she says, absolutely the most British thing she’s witnessed: a cop apologising for arresting someone who apologised for trying to run away. I told my wife there was a good chance the cop didnt smoke, but kept a handy packet to help put people at ease. If this story has failed to entertain or amuse, all I can say is sorry. And what could be more British than that? Narcissists don’t just play hard to get, or heavily fake indifference, to everyone. They only do it when they consider that the impact of this behaviour has the ability to make someone crumble, and feel very low. The narcissist picks up on signs and cues of those people around them who for some reason feel captivated by the narcissist, feel drawn to the narcissist, want attention from the narcissist.

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The narcissist knows that when someone craves attention from another person, largely because that other person has taught the target that they have attention to give to the target, and then the other person withholds the attention from the target, it causes the target to crumble emotionally. For the narcissist, it is all about watching people crumble around them. The narcissist has an endemic feeling of inferiority, and they need to witness other people crumbling around them. They do this to regulate their self esteem and self worth, at your expense. Well I don’t think it’ll replace the traditional channels of education but yeah, it shall certainly become a new norm and take a chunk from the Education Industry. The school would suspend him for a few days and when he returned, would do it again. Mike vanished about mid-way through 8th grade and reappeared about halfway through freshman year. I figure he was at some sort of continuation school during that time. Towards the end of freshman year Mike started pushing a quiet kid around. I can’t remember the kid’s name. I happened to be right there, had a front row seat. Over and over the quiet kid kept telling him to leave him alone but Mike kept at it.

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