Pokemon used hot coffee it’s super effective shirt

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I was in senior class a year early because I had a child at 16 and chose to Pokemon used hot coffee it’s super effective shirt. Essentially, the school wanted nothing to do to with me even though I was an honor roll A-B student. Because of the time of my son’s delivery and a surgery that followed a few weeks later due to my gall bladder failing, I had a home school teacher teaching at 11th grade for the first semester. As such they fought tooth and nails to convince me to take a regular English class instead of Honors and to my sorrow I agreed. The class was so outrageously non existent on actual teaching that it deserves to be a TV trope showcasing bad schools. Most days there was no work, people played on phones, did their makeup or browsed the web. One student would bring an XBOX for him and friends to hook up to the tv! So unless the class was expecting a visitor from the office it was a pure hangout period. If you had friends that is.

Pokemon used hot coffee it’s super effective shirt

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Next day I called this random bariatric surgeon who had a streak of perfect 5 stars and was also a general surgeon. Idk if instinct called or if it was just me being so sick, I Called the staff told them my story and had an appt ready by 11am. The nurse practitioner that saw me was an angel along with the surgeon. She saw me dry heaving and put a shoulder on my hand and she said, I am one thousand percent sure it’s your gallbladder. I bet EVERYTHING. Surgeon walks in and both of them write a referall for a hida scan and go in to get checked instantly in the outpatient center next to them. Hida scan lasted about two hours. Got a call from the tech saying get to the surgeon asap your gallbladder is dead not even contracting at an appropriate ejection fraction and they couldnt even see it properly in the monitor.

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