Sick and tide of this rona shirt

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She had many treatments, but unfortunately it was very advanced, and Sick and tide of this rona shirt was not much that could be done. My cousin passed away several years later. They said ovarian cancer rarely has early symptoms, and even though she was diligent in attending yearly physicals, it had been missed. She was a healthy person, ran marathons, never smoked, or did drugs, someone we all thought was the picture of health! She fought the cancer with grace and determination, and we miss her so much! Please, if you notice anything unusual on your body, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, have it checked. It might save your life! What I already knew was, this woman was a devoted Catholic who quoted words from holy book more often, a homophobic which, she openly admitted to, in the past among our friends. In fact, She took pride in that. Even though I disagreed with her extremist views, it didn’t occur to me as to break our friendship over these differences until then. I was quiet for a while. I kept thinking about what I just heard. It was still processing in my mind about what this woman just said about other women whose life she never lived.All the while, this woman had the audacity to continue making extremely insensitive and rather more vile statements as to why she hated divorced women.

Sick and tide of this rona shirt

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Pardon my take 2016 shirtBlood work was normal, which I expected of course knowing my luck they would kick me out. The ultrasound tech was soooooo fucking sweet jesus CHRIST, she went a full 2 hours out of her schedule (she was already supposed to be home but kept working and noticed how drained and puffy her tired eyes were but she kept working with me and other patients) checking to see what was wrong because she saw me dry heaving viciously. What scared her was my sudden weightloss from 220lbs of muscle to a 165 twig starting from August when it started till the ER visit. She couldnt find anything! She urged doctors to admit me but nope because my bloodwork was normal along with the urinalysis they said consult with a gastro here, adios have some bentyl.

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