Teechalla – Hippopotenuse opposite adjacent shirt

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Typically, Moosvi releases his collections in drops, but due to COVID-19, he released his clothes altogether. Pieces had been stuck abroad for months and were late, so he figured this was a way to make his vision more cohesive. Moosvi, who never plans his collections, had to think quickly about how to show off the Hippopotenuse opposite adjacent shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this pieces. He and his graphic designer had thought to riff off of Shutterstock stock images for the look book. Some of the models are his friends, and others are cut out from Shutterstock images. The generic imagery is intentionally skewed, showing sterile facial expressions and poses, but in a trippy collage with a “potato” watermark over the images. A stock image of a blond family gets a Moosvi makeover when the mother wears a “Potato”-emblazoned T-shirt and her son clutches a pair of Louis Vuitton monogrammed socks. In another image, against a plain blue background, a model wears an XXL long-brimmed New York Yankees hat and a barbershop T-shirt. Instead of Bad Bunny’s visage, the T-shirt shows off a grid of random haircut examples found on Google and from his friends. Moosvi says his favorite thing about the look book presentation is pretty simple: “zero dollar production budget.”

Hippopotenuse opposite adjacent shirt

While Moosvi has somewhat of a flippant attitude toward his work—which makes him and his designs incredibly fun—there’s genuine effort. There’s an XXL tote bag, described as “cool and big like Telfar,” with custom illustrations by his friend Acacio Ortas showing cartoons of what Moosvi describes as a “weirdo army with superhero powers.” The details are indicative of Moosvi’s designs: off the Hippopotenuse opposite adjacent shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this cuff and random, but also incredibly thoughtful. The collection serves as a stepping-stone for Moosvi, who has been redefining his aesthetic from bootlegs to real-deal clothes. “I have a lot of cool stuff in the works.” Stay tuned for more “potato-ing” to come.

Hippopotenuse opposite adjacent s Hoodie trang

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