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Raven Guardian Shirt
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Your first impulse should be to find the parent, guardian, driver or pet owner and make sure everything’s ok. If they’re just inside the gas station, dropping $22 with the attendant, they’ll be out quick. If they can’t be found quickly, they may be in the bathroom, or they may have abandoned their child the Raven Guardian Shirt, hoodie, tank top. At the point where you realize the parent/guardian/driver of the vehicle is nowhere to be found, call 911. They will make an assessment of the situation. Be aware that if the child is breathing normally or seems to be awake, or the animal is alert, they will most likely advise you not to break any windows on the car. A police officer will be dispatched (or animal control for pets) and the parent/owner will have to deal with legal repercussions if they weren’t themselves medically incapacitated.

Raven Guardian Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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If a child is unresponsive, or not breathing (same goes for pets) you can likely legally break the driver’s side window or another window not occupied by a child or animal. Using a window punch or a sharp hard object (even a sturdy *locking* pocket knife could work here, though I recommend against it, in case the lock breaks and the blade folds in on your fingers) to break the glass, cover your eyes and if possible cover your hand and arm with a Raven Guardian Shirt, hoodie, tank top, towel or work glove to prevent cuts or shards getting under your skin.

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