Wonder Nurse 2017 Shirt

Wonder Nurse 2017 ladies v neck Shirt
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Wonder Nurse 2017 Shirt
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The neurosurgeon was in tonight and said Dillon is scheduled for surgery Wednesday at 8:30 am. The surgery will last most of the day. They gave him a sponge bath tonight and that felt so good to him. But, the best news of all……the Wonder Nurse 2017 Shirt told him to open his eyes and look at her and HE DID (his eyes have been swollen shut since the accident) and she asked what color of shirt she was wearing and he said WHITE!!!!! This is soooo relieving to us as a family because we know he can see! We don’t know if both eyes are functioning yet but that was wonderful to hear!  We know and recognize that our Father in Heaven hears prayers and that he is aware of each of us! We are so grateful for Him and for our loved ones who are praying for us! Please continue to keep us in your prayers! He has to get through a long complicated surgery. We love you Wonder Nurse 2017 Shirt, V-neck, Tank top so much!

Wonder Nurse 2017 Shirt, V-neck, Tank top

Wonder Nurse 2017 tank top
tank top
Wonder Nurse 2017 ladies tee Shirt
ladies tee Shirt
Wonder Nurse 2017 ladies v neck Shirt
Wonder Nurse 2017 ladies v neck Shirt

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