Us navy radioman this was my laptop shirt

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Cousin’s beautiful baby was born later that winter. I met Us navy radioman this was my laptop shirt future husband a few weeks later. Given how things turned out, my aunt was right. My mother never really got to be the grandmother she wanted to be to my eldest, and by the time my youngest came around she was the grandmother my children never see. Funny how things work out. I was standing in line waiting to pay for my items at the local supermarket when I felt something wrap around my little finger. Looking down, I saw a small girl ( about 4–6 years old) holding onto my finger while she looked around the shopping centre. Quietly I looked behind me & realised she had mistaken me for her mother who was standing in the cue behind me. I managed the get her mothers attention and pointed down to what her daughter was doing. We both stood there with big grins on our faces wondering how long it was going to take her to realise her mistake. After about 20 seconds her daughter slowly turned around to see her mum standing behind us and you could see she slowly realised she had hold of someone else’s hand.

Us navy radioman this was my laptop shirt

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Rush Limbaugh Angel wings rest in peace 1951 2021 signature shirtShe quietly looked at her hand and slowly looked up to see me ( I used to ride motorcycles in those days so I was dressed like a typical biker ). Instantly realising her mistake she let go and burst into tears much to our great amusement. My room was disclosed, but still funny. The previous owner insisted on doing a walk-through before closing to show me how everything worked (?! I don’t know if this is common but somehow I doubt it? He had a lot of wiring added, smart outlets run by iphone app before they were common, that sort of things). In the master bedroom he suddenly fell sideways into a mirror, both my real estate agent and I went to catch him thinking he was having a stroke or something but the mirror opened and he proudly showed me the panic room he had built. EMF? Protected, about 8×8. He had obviously used it to keep his gun collection, he left the racks along with pencil markings showing where each model belonged.

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