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It’s complicated. It’s been who I am for pretty much my whole life, but when I first got it, I was so young that I didn’t really know what was happening, and as a kid I was just a little shy about it. When I was a teenager, though, it became a secret that I didn’t want anyone to know about. That’s a tough age to be different, and that’s when I started wearing wigs—when I was about 14. When I went off to college, though, I really wanted people to know—it was a weight I didn’t want to carry around anymore—so I started opening up to people about it and then I went to an alopecia conference and met a bunch of people my age who had alopecia. That was the God save america 2020 shirt besides I will buy this biggest thing—to have a community of people like me who were living their lives either with wigs or without and seeing you could do whatever you wanted. That’s when I became more open about it and started going without my wig more. It’s an ever evolving journey for most people.

God save america 2020 shirt

Some people want their hair back, and that’s fine. I haven’t had hair since I was three, so I wouldn’t want myGod save america 2020 shirt besides I will buy this hair to grow back. I also realized that people were making assumptions about me—I’d get comments saying “I hope your hair grows back,” or people I’d meet would say similar things. People were sending me information about treatments. I think it’s important not to assume that everyone wants to grow their hair back or look like everyone else; some people do and some don’t.

God save america 2020 s hoodie

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