Santa Claus ain’t no laws when you’re drinking with Claus Ugly Christmas sweater

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She may have gone from college student to hip-hop superstar seemingly overnight, but when it came time to master the Santa Claus ain’t no laws when you’re drinking with Claus Ugly Christmas sweaterphysically demanding choreography for “Body,” Megan was up to the challenge. A mix of NOLA bounce and stomp-and-shake styles, the routine ranks among Knight’s best—a version of it is featured in Megan’s music video for the song as well—and was a 180 from some of the star’s previous performances. “[Before] we saw one side of Megan with the twerking, and that’s kind of where people were starting to write her off,” says Knight. “My goal was to allow people to realize that she’s so much more than that.” Pushing into new territory wasn’t always easy. “There were some things that she was terrified of,” he says of the rig that descended from the ceiling in the show’s opening, and tackling new styles of dance. “To see her commit to the process and to doing whatever it takes to deliver that knockout, stellar performance was beautiful. She’s not playing—we put on a show like nothing we’d ever done before.”

Santa Claus ain't no laws when you're drinking with Claus Ugly Christmas sweater

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