Do us part shirt

Do us part hoodie
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Do us part shirt
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Do us part shirt! That nigga said, ” I promise till death do us part, for better for worse, till one of us ends up in a Hearst” Man if you don’t get yo ass on some where with this foolishness! Looking like a blunt wit a Do us part shirt and sweater on! They (my daughters and niece) are still sleeping, I can smell the turkey roasting, my great grandmothers rolls are done. Later we will go to Sisters house and gather with the aunts and cousins and share stories and good food. Right now, I am sitting in my morning spot contemplating all that there is to be grateful for. I do this every morning though not just on Thanksgiving. It is a practice I started when things felt very grim and hard. In the beginning it was a very simple list of five things. I wrote things like, my favorite Do us part shirt, hoodie, tank top, longsleeve and v-neck shirt is clean or my yoga pants or my girls had fun today or there were cupcakes. While it still makes me feel happy and comfortable to put on my yoga pants and favorite t-shirt those simple lists have evolved into pages of gratitude for the life I have been blessed with.

Do us part shirt, hoodie, tank top, longsleeve, v-neck and sweater

Do us part longsleeve shirt
longsleeve shirt
Do us part tank top
tank top
Do us part ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Do us part sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Do us part hoodie
Do us part hoodie

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